Six-year journey to build WANICOS' unique, customized solution.



January - FORENA Enter Russia Gold Apple, WATSONS, WILDBERRIES, Ozon 




May - Launch of Wanicos Co., Ltd official website


April - FORENA Launches 32 Skin Care Types


May - FORENA Skincare export to Cambodia


June - FORENA Skincare export to Kazakhstan


July - PEKAH Entry into L'etoile chain store in Russia


August - FORENA Entry into Duty-Free Shop in downtown Busan


October - FORENA Skincare export to Russia


January - First Entry into the Japan Market


April - Establishment of Wanicos Co., Ltd


April - China TikTok Marketing


May - FORENA Brand Launching


June - Entry into the China Taobao


August - Participation in an exhibition of China imports in 2022


September - First Entry into the Cambodia Market


November - First Entry into the Uzbekistan Market


December - First Entry into the Taiwan Market


April - Vietnam Exclusive Contracts and First Entry into the Market


April - Participating in Russia Intercham 2021 Exhibition


May - Entry into the Vietnam Shopee


May  - Russia Gold Apple store exclusive stand installation and advertising


May - Vietnam KOL advertising


June - Selection of promising small and medium-sized enterprises for export


June   - First Entry into the China Market


September - China Bonded Warehouse ICP Certification


October - First Entry into the Türkiye Market


November - First Entry into the Iraq Market


November - China Taobao Live Broadcasting


December - PERSONAL Magazine Event Product Support


February - Recognized as a venture company


May - Enter Russia Gold Apple, WATSONS, WILDBERRIES, Ozon


August - Russia Elize Pekah Mini Seminar Held


September - Host Russia Shop 24 Home Shopping


November - Participating in Russia Intercham 2020 Exhibition


December - Russia home shopping broadcasting


December - Win a Russia WATSONS 2020 Beauty Awards


April - Establishment of Wanicos


April - PEKAH Brand launching


July  - First Entry into the Kazakhstan Market


September - Russia Exclusive Contracts and First Market Entry